How SEO position affects your web site traffic and sales

What is the difference between having your site listed on the first page of google result pages and on the second page. Well the result may suprise you. In our tests the last result in the first page created 10 to 20 times more traffic than the first result in the second page. That is just the difference between being number 10 and being number 11 means that your investment in you web site could be ten times more or less effective.

SEO - How your position in Google affects traffic and sales.

But that is not all, if you look at the chart here, you will see that the difference between being the first result and being the second is nearly a factor of three. Whereas the first result get nearly 40% ( This is reduced if there are google video and local results displayed on the same page which is becoming more common, such changes reduce the 40% to close to 25% still twice that of the second result ) of the clicks the second result gets 12%. Of course there are many other factors involved and this is only an average. Factors like the interest of the link title also play a role but the major role still is the position in Google's results. The graph also shows that after the fifth result the clicks are nearly the same, and as stated earlier, being in the second page decreases your traffic by a factor of 10.

What is suprising is that being on the first 3 results will get you more traffic than paying google PPC advertising for a given keyword even if your google budget is unlimited.

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No wonder SEO is becoming one of the most asked about services a web design company is asked about. We are one of the few Egyptian companies that has a dedicated SEO department with full time employees.

More and more we are being asked what is the standard cost of SEO. In reality there is no standard, the amount of work needed to get  your site into the first page will depend on your competition for every keyword. Some keywords will take a minimal effort and some may needs months of continual work to get the rank on google. But since we are asked this question so much we decided to create what we call Mini SEO packages. These packages are good for starting sites and sites with little competition. These packages start at around 500LE but the serious SEO work costs a lot more but is 110% worth it.



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