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Cheap shared hosting has prices that start at 15$ per month and goes as low as 1$ per month. We do not offer such low quality hosting! The reason is that since we are a web design company, we really only offer hosting to our web design clients and we take pride in our work and will not make cheap hostin spoil a web site that was designed by us!

Such hosting depends on putting thousands of web sites on one server to bring the cost of hosting to such low prices. What we offer our clients is high quality hosting where each server is guarateed to run at below 70% utilization. Our typical server contains no more than 100 small client web sites per server. This ensures that web sites hosted on our servers are always fast.

Security and speed.

Our servers are protected by state of the art security systems including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and Web application firewalls. Not only that but we have the latest hardware and employ SSD drives that accelerate databases as well as equip our servers with tons of ram. Our servers typically have 64 or 32 Gigabytes of ram.

Cloud hosting in Egypt.

We where one of the first companies to use virtualization and cloud technologies for hosting in Egypt. Cloud hosting is perfect for larger sites for which we offer our clients high quality managed cloud hosting. Such hosting provides dedicated resources to fit medium and large sites that need reliability and speed. With cloud hosting you get a minimum share of one or more server CPUs and dedicated ram and storage, all of which can be upgraded with near-zero downtime. Our cloud hosting comes with our managed services, and thus our clients need not worry themselves with the day to day maintenance and operation of servers.

Dedicated server hosting and complex hosting.

For very busy sites that need a dedicated servers or a group of dedicated servers we offer our red carpet dedicated hosting service, where we fully manage for our clients their servers and maintain them and make sure they are running at the highest level of performance and security. Our servers are among the most secure in Egypt and we offer bandwidth that is seldomly available in Egyptian data centers and up to date quality hardware.

Hosting features.

  • We have high performance servers in the France and Germany, both these locations provide excellent speed to USA, Europe and the Middle East. USA based hosting usually gives lower speeds in the Middle East due to the longer cable distance.
  • We offer disaster recovery backups for your server and web sites where backups can be stored in a different server in a different country in case of natural disasters or sever server crashes.


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