Portal Development

In the Internet trade large web sites are usually refered to as portals. Our team has created some of Egypt's largest portals. We have developed, designed and continually run one of Egypt's largest portals mashy.com.

To realize that the amount of work and effort spent in mashy.com just follow this link google's count of the number of pages in mashy.com. In line just above the results you will see that google has counted the pages that it has indexed in our site to be over 300,000 pages.

The same know-how and ability can be used to develop your own portal. We can design, develop and even create content for your portal. Just remember El Motaheda Web is more than just a web design company!


Web site design trends of 2016 and beyond

Web design is like fashion it changes a lot, but unlike fashion which is done for the sake of vanity, changes in web design methodologies happen mostly due to changing technology and user behavior which is related to technology.

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